Amafren SA is a company that tends to customer satisfaction, committed to attaining their requirements. This includes products, services delivery, use counseling and warranty coverage and sustaining profitability that allows for continuous development.
That is why we have a system of quality assurance that meets ISO 9001, which demonstrates the commitment Amafren SA has with respect to the satisfaction of the customer needs and excellence of the products and services we offer to the market.

In this way we highlight the following fundamental principles the company brings with it to meet your daily goals:
  • Provide reliable products that enable the fulfillment of customer requirements and legislation or regulation in force.
  • Develop solutions to the needs expressed by close involvement with our partners and clients in the context of ethics, trust and mutual respect..
  • Provide the necessary resources to fulfill the intended goals.
  • Promote the participation of staff at different levels as a fundamental pillar for achieving quality objectives in each area.
  • Periodically review and evaluate the Quality Assurance System and implement the necessary actions to drive continuous improvement.